Daniel Radcliffe at 'The F Word' Press Conference at the 2013 Toronto International Film FestivalAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Daniel Radcliffe is making every effort to leave "Harry Potter" behind.

The actor made that clear during his appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, where he was promoting several projects: "Kill Your Darlings," in which he plays Beat poet Allen Ginsberg; "Horns," about an accused killer with -- you guessed it -- horns; and "The F Word," a romantic comedy. Those varied films are his focus now, Radcliffe told reporters.

"I'm excited that people will finally get a chance to see me do different stuff," he said. "We had a fantastic time doing 'Harry Potter,' but it's really exciting to move on and be doing other things."

Radcliffe acknowledged that changing people's perception of him will take some time, telling E! News, "There's never going to be one film that comes out that officially breaks me away from Harry." But he said he hoped his three TIFF movies would start that process in people's minds.

Despite wanting to break free from the confines of his star-making role, Radcliffe said the "Harry Potter" experience would always be something he held dear.

"I'll always be incredibly proud of it," he said. "I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you all if it weren't for 'Harry Potter.' I have no illusions about that. But I don't particularly miss it. I'm very happy doing other things now."

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Daniel Radcliffe Doesn't Miss Harry Potter

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