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If looks could kill, then James Franco (on the poster for the upcoming action-thriller "Homefront") wants you dead.

The poster, debuting exclusively on Moviefone.com, features Franco, as meth druglord "Gator," delivering a stare so menacing it gives an entirely new meaning to the term "smoldering," complete with red-hued smoke and burning embers. The target of his hate-filled gaze (we assume) is former DEA agent/ball cap-wearer Phil Broker, played by Jason Statham, who moves with his family to Gator's quiet little town in hopes of living a quiet little life. Last we checked, DEA agents and druglords don't take too kindly to one another, and it's not long before Gator and Broker go toe-to-toe.

The movie, which also stars Winona Ryder (yes!), Rachelle Lefevre, and Kate Bosworth, was penned by certified action hero Sylvester Stallone, who knows a thing or two about small towns and big explosions (remember "First Blood"?). Oh, and screenplays; he was nominated for an Oscar for "Rocky." "Homefront" is directed by Gary Fleder ("Kiss the Girls," "Runaway Jury").

Check out the full poster below. "Homefront" explodes (like a poorly ventilated meth lab) into theaters November 27.homefront poster
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