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James Franco may be one of the busiest guys in Hollywood, but he's also pretty darn chill.

Against all odds, the "Spring Breakers" Oscar hopeful is in great spirits about his recent Comedy Central roast, in which friends and comedians Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Aziz Ansari, Andy Samberg, and others skewered the actor with a predictable blend of jabs -- jabs at his disastrous Oscars hosting turn opposite Anne Hathaway, his trademark squint, his intellectualism, and the rumors that he's gay.

Yep, there were lots and lots of gay jokes.

As one example of that super original angle, Rogen quipped, "Franco, you look like you're asleep. Did you just read a James Franco book? In all seriousness, he is a very hardworking actor. He once told me he worked for 36 hours straight, which I don't believe, the straight part, obviously."

But as someone who's always been fascinated with the dichotomy between a celebrity's public identity and personal reality, Franco is completely unfazed by the gay rumors -- and, by extension, all those cracks at his sexuality during the roast.

"If that's what they were going to make fun of me for, I was like, 'Great! Bring on the gay jokes!' because these aren't insults at all," he said in an interview with The Daily Beast. "I don't even care if people think I'm gay, so it was like, 'Awesome!' I mean, I wish I was ... I wish I was gay."

He continued, "My relationship with my public image over the past four or five years has just become weirder and weirder, because I look at it and it's me, and it's not me, so if other people want to use that for their own purposes or needs, I'm fine with it."

One thing he wasn't prepared for was how dark some of the jokes would get. "I'm not necessarily up on the comedy world, so it's interesting to see what's acceptable as far as gay jokes and Indian jokes," he said. "They had to cut about 40 to 60 minutes of it. But Jeff Ross was saying some crazy sh*t. They weren't even funny, these jokes, they just gave me nightmares."

Comedy Central's "Roast of James Franco" premiered on Labor Day. The actor is currently at the Toronto Film Festival, where he's promoting his new film "Child of God," an adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel of the same name.

Given the necrophilia involved, the indie -- which Franco wrote, directed, and has a role in -- could also be construed as a new source of roast material.

[via The Daily Beast]
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