Christian Slater, Patricia ArquetteEverett

When it was released 20 years ago this week (September 10, 1993), "True Romance" was not a hit (it earned just $12 million at the box office), but you'd never know it by the following the film developed over the years.

The first mainstream Hollywood release from the pen of Quentin Tarantino (it came out a year after the indie release of Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs"), "True Romance" proved a change of pace for rising stars Christian Slater and Val Kilmer, gave an early boost to some lesser-known actors (Patricia Arquette, Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Tom Sizemore), and provided a couple of veterans (Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken) with an unforgettable scene.

In the two decades since, several of the cast members have flourished, while a few faltered. Three of the principals died shocking, unexpected deaths, while a fourth, after a long and distinguished career, still left us too soon. Here's what became of the makers of "True Romance."

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