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James Franco proved that he can laugh at himself with his recent Comedy Central roast, but the actor is deadly serious in his new role as a meth kingpin who butts heads with Jason Statham in "Homefront."

Franco imbues his character -- a redneck who feels he's been disrespected by Statham -- with a quiet creepiness and simmering rage that's quite frightening to watch. The only problem is that he's picked a fight with Statham, who plays an undercover cop who's no slouch in the rage department himself, as he shows when he's harassed by hillbillies at the gas pump and promptly takes them out one by one.

Featuring the creepiest version of "Happy Birthday" ever recorded, the trailer is a bit frenetic and seemingly gives a lot of the plot away; it's obvious that the film is building up to a big blowup between Franco and Statham. Audiences may know how they get there, but it should be entertaining to see it all play out.

Co-starring Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth, and written and produced by Sylvester Stallone, "Homefront" hits theaters November 27.

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