With "Battle of the Year," director Benson Lee adapts his own 2007 documentary "Planet B-Boy" as a narrative feature. In doing so, he's taken the earlier film's dance competition centerpiece and applied it to the basic structure of an underdog sports movie. Technically, breaking may not be a "sport" in the conventional sense, but the b-boys participating in the contest certainly show as much athletic talent as any ballplayer.

If anything were to blur the line between dance and sport, this movie could be it. If it is to be considered a sports movie, though, "Battle of the Year" falls into the subgenre group involving unconventional sports, as in those we don't normally see so often on the big screen. If you're ever tired of the same handful of major sports employed for underdog stories, check out any of the iconoclastic titles below.

Chris Brown and Josh Peck in