Director Ron Howard ("Rush," "Apollo 13," "Cocoon," "The Da Vinci Code") is Moviefone's Guest Editor from September 16 - 20. Look for more exclusive videos from him, including his Six-Second Review of "Rush," throughout the week.Ron Howard: 5 Movies That Shaped My Childhood (Guest Editor Series)
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Ron Howard spent a large part of his childhood being in movies, so it's no wonder that the actor-turned-director was profoundly affected by them as a kid. From his role in the "The Music Man" to his fascination with "Journey to the Center of the Earth," Howard's youth was partially fueled by Hollywood magic.

But it wasn't until he got a little older that one classic, Lee Marvin-Ernest Borgnine war drama finally turned his love for movies into weekly trips to the theater: "The Dirty Dozen."

"It was perfect. I was twelve, thirteen years old; going through puberty. Here was this totally macho rock 'em-sock 'em, heroic action movie -- one of the best 'mission' movies ever made," Howard revealed. "Everything about it, top to bottom, was cool. And it turned me on to the movies. In a lot of ways, it made me want to go to the movies every single week to try and have the kind of experience that would just take you away."

In the video above, Howard explains why the movies that shaped his childhood are mix of films he worked on and those that he loved to watch (or both), and that, as a kid, he could really admire the work of other child actors.

Ron Howard's latest movie, "Rush," opens in limited release on September 20 and nationwide September 27.

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