Daniel Radcliffe is tired of being nakedGetty Images

Radcliffe would like to keep his clothes on, thank you very much.

After starring in a string of recent films in which he doffs his duds -- "Horns," "The F Word," and "Kill Your Darlings," which all premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival -- Radcliffe is requesting that he remain robed for the time being. While filming the British television dramedy "A Young Doctor's Notebook and Other Stories," Radcliffe revealed that he had to put his foot down when directed to undress.

"I think there was a discussion about possible nudity for one scene and I think my comment was, 'I got naked in three films last year, please can I not?'" Radcliffe said in a recent interview about the project. "At some point everyone's going to start assuming I'm an exhibitionist."

Jon Hamm also stars in the series, and appeared with Radcliffe in a first-season scene set in a bathroom. Despite the lusting some fans no doubt have to see the twosome in the buff together, Radcliffe joked that, "We don't (get naked) in this series, much to everyone's disappointment."

Radcliffe recently said at TIFF that he was happy to break away from audiences' preconceived notions about his work, and he reiterated those comments to the UK's Guardian.

"People have given me the opportunity to work on really interesting things and get better," he said of his acting career after "Harry Potter." "Getting to work on this material was hugely freeing."

Getting naked is pretty freeing, too, but we suppose once you've starred naked opposite a horse on the London and Broadway stages -- as Radcliffe did in "Equus" -- the experience sort of loses its excitement.

[via The Guardian]

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