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Seeing Josh Holloway's name atop the credits of this week's release "Battle of the Year" (he plays the coach of an American dance crew in an international competition) brought up the question: Where has he been since "Lost" left the air three years ago? Which in turn raised the question: How has the "Lost" cast fared in movies since the show ended?

Whether or not Holloway's star turn as a dance coach trades on his "Lost" notoriety as con-man-turned-island-hero Sawyer or makes viewers forget his signature TV role, it's certainly good to see him again. After all, many of those who starred on the 2004-10 ABC series had solid movie careers before "Lost" but seem to have remained stranded on the mysterious island since the series wrapped. Others have continued to shine, but only on TV. A few, however, have prospered on the big screen as well. Here, then, is a gallery detailing how the "Lost" alumni have fared in the movies after the finale of their landmark show.

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