What happens when a dedicated Game Master feels threatened by a newcomer to his realm? As they used to say on "The Real World," people stop being polite and start getting real.

In "Zero Charisma," Scott (Sam Eidson) invites a new guy to join his beloved role-playing group, but Miles (Garrett Graham) begins to steal his thunder. He's funny and charming, and he brings beer to their gatherings. He even invites them to a party -- with babes! Naturally, Scott's fellow dungeon-lovers begin to change their allegiance, which pushes this metal-lovin' gamer closer and closer to the edge.

Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Industries produced the film, which gives it some serious nerd street cred. "Zero Charisma," which was directed by Katie Graham and co-writer Andrew Matthews, got rave reviews at SXSW. It's being promoted as "an ode to nerds from every realm," although sci-fi site io9 questions whether the film "may not be doing nerds any favors." In any case, "Zero Charisma" will be the closest thing we'll get to a real D&D movie for a while, as the reboot of "Dungeons & Dragons" is bogged down in legal disputes.

We'll be able to find out for ourselves when "Zero Charisma" arrives on demand and iTunes October 8. There will be a limited theatrical release on October 11.