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One of the most heartbreaking things about Nicole Holofcener's wonderful new movie, "Enough Said," is watching one of James Gandolfini's last on-screen performances. The movie stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a masseuse who is in the early, hesitant stages of a relationship with a fellow divorcee named Albert, played by Gandolfini.

At the New York premiere of the movie, friends and stars talked about the late actor and his legacy. Tony Sirico from "The Sopranos" said, "I love Jim. He's still here with me. He's my pal. And this is the role... This is really Jimmy. He's got a big heart. He's got a real big heart. His legacy is not Tony Soprano."

Louis-Dreyfuss later added, "I wish he was here. It would have been so fun to be celebrating this evening with him. God, I really miss him. But I'm really happy that people are going to be able to see the performance that he gives in this movie, because it's so outrageously gorgeous. And I miss him desperately, but this is such a part of his legacy. I think we should celebrate it... He plays a very thoughtful, generous, kind, self-effacing kind of guy, very similar to who he was as a person... That's how great an actor he was. He was not Tony Soprano, at all. He was much more like Albert, the character he plays in this movie. Oh God, you know, you see his picture on the poster, it's just, he's just a dear heart."

Writer and director Nicole Holofcener told "The Hollywood Reporter," "I feel answering the questions all about Jim, I feel compelled to talk about Julia, who's the star of the film, and the focus so far has been so much on Jim, which is completely understandable. I kind of feel like he'd be blowing a big raspberry at us all right now."

"Enough Said" also stars Catherine Keener, Toni Collette, and Ben Falcone. The movie, which is dedicated to "Jim," opens today in limited release.

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