patrick stewart weddingJohn von Pamer

Patrick Stewart married Sunny Ozell, and it sounds like it was just as awesome as you'd assume.

Nope, no family drama or ugly, overpriced dresses or a long, boring speech from a religious officiant. It was awesome, and we are sad we weren't invited.

New York magazine managed to wrangle some details about the wedding from Stewart, who spilled a few beans about the ceremony. Ian McKellen officiated, and everyone from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" attended, making it an affair that was out of this world. Stewart said, "[McKellen's] remarks were not only full of wisdom and humor and poetry but knowledge of the two of us."

Although McKellen had been the one to let a few details drop about the upcoming nuptials, he did manage to throw paps off the trails by saying the ceremony would be "in Massachusetts, or in the middle of America somewhere." The wedding was actually held at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Given the couple's considerable social media presence, we're glad that they managed to keep the ceremony private.

After all, isn't this so much more adorable?

Also, here's a bromance-confirming bonus photo of Stewart and McKellen atop the Empire State Building. [via New York] Patrick Stewart Marries Sunny Ozell