how to escape from prison infographic
Curious about how to break out of a high-security prison? "Escape Plan" has got you covered.

This infographic below, premiering exclusively on Moviefone, details the careful plotting of "Escape Plan" protagonist Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone), a famed escape artist wrongfully imprisoned in The Tomb, an impenetrable facility housing some pretty imposing characters -- and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays Breslin's cellmate and eventual escape partner. But to bust out, Breslin needs more than one person's help.

As the graphic shows, Breslin must learn the exact layout of the prison, including its blind spots, how doors are secured, and even what materials the building is made of. Being aware of one's surroundings is key, including how many guards are on duty at a given time, when and where they take breaks, and, if you do break out, knowing what lies immediately beyond the prison walls.

It's a pretty simplified breakdown of a no doubt difficult process, and one audiences can see for themselves played out on the big screen.

Take a closer look at the graphic, and catch "Escape Plan" when it breaks into theaters October 18.

[click on the infographic below for an even bigger version]
how to escape from prison infographic
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