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The police may disagree, but actress Famke Janssen is convinced that someone broke into her home over the summer and left a creepy book behind.

It all began in early August, when Janssen returned to her Soho penthouse apartment and found a children's book sitting on a shelf next to her bed -- a book, Janssen said, which did not belong to her. The story, called "The Lonely Doll," was published in 1957 and centers around a doll named Edith who is without a playmate, until she is befriended by two teddy bears.

Janssen, who has no children, called police to report the incident, believing someone broke in and left the book as some kind of message. But investigators found no evidence of an intruder, and visitors viewed on a surveillance camera were all accounted for.

Now, in an equally-creepy twist, a source tells the New York Post that investigators believe the book is Janssen's. The source says investigators found several sheets of paper tucked in the book with lists of errands, including one with Janssen's name on it, indicating that "the book belongs to Famke ... [and] has some connection to her home."

The Post reports that Janssen most likely won't face charges of filing a false police report "because she honestly believes that someone broke into her apartment and planted the book."

In the meantime, we're going to go check our bookshelves and rock ourselves in the corner.

[via: New York Post / h/t: Vanity Fair]
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