Director Ron Howard ("Rush," "Apollo 13," "Cocoon," "The Da Vinci Code") is Moviefone's Guest Editor from September 16 - 20. Look for more exclusive videos from him, including his Six-Second Review of "Rush," throughout the week.
Ron Howard: 5 Scenes I'm Most Proud Of (Guest Editor Series)
ron howard guest editor Ron Howard's favorite scenes are out of this world -- well, at least one of them is.

The director and Moviefone Guest Editor explained that what makes a scene memorable (and pride-worthy) is more about what's felt than seen.

"The launch sequence in 'Apollo 13' is something that, as a director, I'm so proud of, because it involves important acting moments, real emotion from a lot of different characters; it's suspenseful." he said. "From a directorial standpoint, it involves special effects, emotion, editing, music, and finally this weightlessness that we created by flying parabolas out over the Gulf of Mexico, which no one had ever done before [for a film]."

In the video above, Howard reveals four more scenes that he counts among his best.

Ron Howard's latest movie, "Rush," opens in limited release on September 20 and nationwide September 27.

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