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Ron Howard: 5 Favorite Movie Rivalries (Guest Editor Series)

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When you think about rivalry movies, you normally think about sports. Ron Howard's new movie, "Rush," about a rivalry between two Formula One racecar drivers, falls into that category. However, while making film, the veteran filmmaker found himself going back to a very different type of rivalry flick for inspiration.

"I thought a lot about 'Amadeus,''" said Howard, who considers the film one of his all-time favorite rivalry flicks. "Because, yes, 'Rush' is full of car action and intensity and I wanted to give it that authenticity, but it's also amusing in places, unexpected, and, ultimately, very very emotional and revealing about just human beings and what makes people tick. And that's what made Milos Forman's movie 'Amadeus' so remarkable."

Although the "Amadeus" influence in "Rush" might not seem apparent at first, after you watch the film, you'll realize that a lot of the strength and passion from the 1984 biopic can also be seen in Howard's movie.

Of course, "Amadeus" wasn't the only rivalry movie that the director turned to while making the racecar flick. Check out the video above for more of Howard's favorite movie rivalries, and stay tuned to Moviefone this week for more from Guest Editor Ron Howard.

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