Justin Timberlake has proven he's a good sport -- on "Saturday Night Live," with Jimmy Fallon, and other media appearances. But even he could hardly contain himself during what might be the most awkward celebrity interview in history.

Timberlake was in Brazil to promote his new movie, "Runner, Runner," and sat down with comedian Sabrina Sato. It became clear immediately that Sato didn't have a firm grasp on the English language, and she kept switching to Portugese. JT gamely rolled with that, but then Sato gushed that he dances "like a black American." Um, ooooookaaaaaay.

JT laughed a bit nervously, but then Sato just made it worse by asking, "Do you want to learn to samba like a black Brazilian?" At that, JT looked helpless to the side (presumably to his handlers). "Brazilian is just Brazilian, right?" he replied.

But the best/worst moment came at the end when Sato presented the actor with a gift -- a replica of her butt in a box. You know, to mimic his famous "Dick in a Box" song.

This trainwreck has to be seen to be believed. Watch it below:

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