This week marks the 75th anniversary of the Judy Garland classic "The Wizard of Oz," which blew away audiences with the magic of Technicolor back in 1939.

One way to celebrate the Victor Fleming film is to check it out in 3D IMAX this weekend. Another way -- if you want to get really three dimensional -- is to let Moviefone and Kitchen Daily bring a sticky-sweet Oz journey into your home.

Somewhere over the rainbow is a pot of delicious desserts waiting for you to make them! Throw a "Wizard of Oz" dessert party this weekend, with Lollipop Guild Lollipops to fuel your courage, Poppy Desserts to fill your heart with glee, and Over the Rainbow Jello Bites to boost your brainpower. Eat up, and stream "The Wizard of Oz" on Amazon Instant Video and VUDU.

Check out the links to each recipe below -- and don't forget your ruby slippers!

Lollipop Guild Lollipops: Burnt Sugar Lollipops and Homemade Blow Pops
Poppy Desserts: Lemon Curd Cakes with Poppy Seeds and Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
Over the Rainbow Jello Bites

Stay tuned for more food-themed movie nights from Moviefone and Kitchen Daily.
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