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We all knew Betty Draper had a mean streak, but now she gets bloody and vengeful.

In the 1800s-set Western "Sweetwater," January Jones ("Mad Men") plays Sarah, a former prostitute who embarks on a quest of violent revenge when a fanatical religious leader (Jason Isaacs, "The Patriot") kills her husband. Donning a signature purple dress, Sarah goes from town to town hunting down any and everyone involved with the murder with the help of a radical sheriff (Ed Harris).

In the exclusive new poster for "Sweetwater" Jones flaunts a handgun and a shotgun, resembling an R-rated version of Patricia Arquette's Kissin' Kate Barlow (you remember "Holes") more than her usual uptight housewife. Let's hope her Sarah isn't too sweet in "Sweetwater" and more ruthless.

"Sweetwater" shoots onto VOD on October 4 and into theaters on October 11. Check out the poster below.


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January Jones Goes Topless in Western Film
Sweetwater Movie Poster
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A frontier widow (January Jones) seeks revenge on the religious fanatic (Jason Isaacs) who murdered her... Read More