enemy movie trailerRhombus Media

For his next movie, Jake Gyllenhaal is starring opposite a familiar face: himself.

The actor teams up again with director Denis Villeneuve ("Prisoners,") which opened on Friday, for an adaptation of author Jose Saramago's "Enemy."

A new teaser trailer sets the mood of the twisted thriller, in which Gyllenhaal plays a regular-guy professor who lives a humdrum life -- until he spots his doppelganger in a movie. The lookalike is a struggling actor, and soon the two become mutually obsessed with each other.

The film opened to good word-of-mouth at the Toronto Film Festival, with IndieWire calling it "fascinating and spellbindingly disturbing." While the teaser doesn't show us both Gyllenhaals together, the bleak and despairing footage sets a very dark tone.

"Enemy" also stars Melanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon, and will likely open in theaters sometime in 2014.