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For a while it looked like Jude Law had lost his way. There are only so many "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"s that one career can endure. But, little by little, he brought himself back up, smartly choosing roles that accentuated his roguish charm while never finding himself in the hey-I'm-a-big-time-star crosshairs that threatened his career in the first place, first playing second fiddle to Robert Downey Jr.'s titular "Sherlock Holmes," and then playing strong character parts in Steven Soderbergh's "Contagion" and "Side Effects" (movies that are, in some ways, companion pieces).

It's good to have you back, Jude!

His latest looks like a hoot, too. "Dom Hemingway" (trailer below), which recently played at the Toronto International Film Festival, sees Law turning the roguish charm-o-meter to 11 as a bank thief who, released from prison after 12 years, goes about collecting what's owed him and reconnecting with his long-estranged daughter (Emilia Clarke). Judging from the trailer, it is going to be a wild, rude, wonderful little ride. At one point the trailer promises that it's from the producers of "Sexy Beast," and boy does it look it -- super-stylized, foul-mouthed, divine.

"Don Hemingway" was written and directed by Richard Shepard, a super-talented but weirdly underappreciated writer/director who made the gonzo black comedies "The Matador" and "The Hunting Party" (a movie you should really track down if you haven't seen it; great Richard Gere performance) and the superb documentary "I Knew It Was You," about noted character actor John Cazale. (He's mostly been directing high-end TV stuff since "Hunting Party," including "I Knew It Was You," which initially aired on HBO.)

Hopefully "Don Hemingway" will serve as a return-to-form for both Law and Shepard. Sadly, it won't be released in America until April 4, 2014. Frowny-face emoticon!

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