Justin Timberlake took back the night with a suave suit -- sadly, no tie -- at the world premiere of "Runner Runner" on September 18 in Las Vegas, NV. Meanwhile, co-star Ben Affleck posed without realizing he had a (mysterious) lipstick kiss on his cheek -- and wife Jennifer Garner was nowhere to be seen. Hmmm.

The crime thriller from Brad Furman ("The Lincoln Lawyer"), produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, stars Timberlake as Richie Furst, a broke college student who loses his tuition money thanks to an online poker habit. When he goes to confront the man he believes cheated him out his moolah, Ivan Block (Ben Affleck), he becomes his protege.

On the red carpet, the pop star posed with wife Jessica Biel, who also showed off a fitted suit. Timberlake laughed with Affleck, as co-stars Gemma Arterton, Anthony Mackie, and Sam Palladio ("Nashville") walked the carpet. Other celebs also showed up to celebrate, including Meat Loaf, Carrot Top, and some of the guys from Boyz II Men, because why not?

Check out the premiere photos below. "Runner Runner" hits theaters October 4.

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