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Some rumors just won't die, and the "Benedict Cumberbatch is starring in 'Star Wars: Episode 7'" rumor is one of the more persistent theories floating around these days.

Despite strong denials from Cumberbatch's reps, fanboys and -girls have been parsing every comment from director J.J. Abrams for clues about the veracity of Cumberbatch's involvement. And Abrams's latest cagey comments keep fanning the flames.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, reporter Yvonne Villarreal asked Abrams about progress on "Episode VII," and revealed on Twitter what the director had to say on the subject:

JJ Abrams on #StarWars: "We're working our asses off trying to get things in place w/ casting." Benedict Cumberbatch? "I love that guy."

"I love that guy" is pretty much the quintessential non-answer, and Abrams has no doubt already sparked plenty of speculation about the meaning of that statement. We'll wait to get our hopes up until Disney comes out with an official casting announcement. For now, consider this rumor just that.

[via Yvonne Villarreal, h/t: HitFix]

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