The new romantic comedy "Baggage Claim" is about a woman who sets out to find a fiancée before her sister's wedding in 30 days. Does that sound familiar? It's not a remake, though similar plots have been spun. This is based on a 2005 novel by David E. Talbert, who also scripted and directed the film adaptation. The detail here is that the main character (played by Paula Patton) is a flight attendant, and so she has easy access to 30,000 miles worth of territory to search for Mr. Right.

This is kind of a whole subgenre now: wedding-themed movies focused on a bachelorette, usually a bridesmaid, who is desperate to find a date for the ceremony. Never mind that etiquette tends to disallow random plus ones at weddings even for those in the wedding party. This is not real life. This is stuff of fairy tales, and there's always a prince there by at least reception's end.

Check out the following list of other modern day Cinderellas, most of whom not only want to attend the ball but are in need of a male companion to escort her there. Or, sometimes, it's actually the groom or bride they're after.

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