Love is a battlefield. That's the theme of the new trailer for the controversial biopic "Diana," which stars Naomi Watts as the world-famous princess.

The trailer focuses heavily on Diana's secret romance with Dr. Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews) and portrays the beautiful icon as impulsive, volatile, and flawed.

"It's not possible for you and I to go anywhere without a billion people swarming all over us," Khan warns.

But as a mischievous Diana (who's seen wearing a brunette wig as a disguise) notes, "I'm a princess and I get what I want."

The biopic has been the talk of the festival season -- with Watts's performance praised but the movie criticized for its soapy take on Diana's story. Empire called it "more terrible and tacky than one could have imagined."

"Diana" opens in theaters November 1.
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