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Is "RoboCop" one of Detroit's most famous cultural institutions, the future of law enforcement, a cult film by Paul Verhoeven, or an upcoming remake starring Joel Kinnaman?

Trick question! The answer is all of the above and then some. A successful Kickstarter campaign raised $67,436 for a 10-foot-tall replica of the cyborg cop originally played by Peter Weller, and it will be unveiled in 2014. Naturally, this idea started off on Twitter and snowballed from there, with a whopping $25 grand coming from Pete Hottelet, a graphic designer whose company Omni Consumer Products was named after the megacorp in "RoboCop." (Omni has also launched products licensed from other movies, like Brawndo from "Idiocracy," Sex Panther Cologne from "Anchorman," and "Fight Club" soap.)

Whether or not other denizens of the struggling city will find this as funny as "RoboCop" fans has yet to be seen. The once-booming industry town declared bankruptcy this summer and will be receiving upwards of $320M from the government in aid. "RoboCop" was one of several projects that received Michigan state incentives to film, although parts of the film were also shot in Canada.

The new "RoboCop" from José Padilha will hit theaters next February. Watch the trailer here.
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