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Moviefone's Top DVD of the Week:
"This Is the End"
What's It About? James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Jay Baruchel are all partying at Franco's house, but there's just one impending issue: it's the apocalypse. Things get crazier and crazier as the world begins to crumble and the celebs at the party meet their doom one by one.

WATCH:The Very NSFW "This Is The End" Blooper Reel (EXCLUSIVE)

This Is the End - DVD Clip No. 1

Why We're IN: What could be better than a round up of the funniest Judd Apatow staples playing themselves when the world is ending? Yeah, not much. The best thing about these guys is that they know how to laugh at themselves and also keep us laughing too. Plus Rihanna, Aziz Ansari, and Emma Watson also make some cameos. "This Is the End" was also one of Moviefone's Best Movies of 2013 (So Far).

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Moviefone's Top Blu-ray of the Week:
"The Wizard of Oz" 3D 75th Anniversary Edition
​What's It About?
The 1939 classic fantasy adventure follows Judy Garland's Dorothy as she travels down the yellow brick road seeking the Wizard's help. Along the way Dorothy encounters the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Man, as well as some good and bad witches.
Why We're IN: Victor Fleming's technicolor debut returned to theaters last week in 3D IMAX to celebrate its 75th anniversary, but in addition you can always enjoy the gorgeous spectacles of the film at home. "The Wizard of Oz" is not just a must in your movie collection, but a great film to revisit multiple times.

New On DVD & Blu-ray
"The Croods"
What's It About?
In the animated family adventure "The Croods," a caveman family must venture out into a strange land in search of a new home. With voices from Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, and Catherine Keener, "The Croods" is a fun, high-spirited family movie.
IN or OUT? IN.
"Dead Before Dawn"
What's It About?
When a group of college kids accidentally unleash an evil curse, everyone they make eye contact with kills themselves and becomes zombie demons. The kids now have 24 hours to reverse the curse and also try to avoid eye contact with more people. "Dead Before Dawn" stars Christopher Lloyd and attempts to blend humor with horror, but fails to stand out as anything unique.

"Fright Night 2: New Blood"
What's It About?
In this sequel to 2011's "Fright Night" Gerri Dandridge (Jamie Murray) is a professor by day, but a bloodsucker by night. Charlie (Will Payne) and "Evil" Ed (Chris Waller), two students traveling to Romania, must stop Gerri from drinking Charlie's ex-girlfriend's blood.

WATCH: A Bloody Scene from "Fright Night 2" (EXCLUSIVE)
Fright Night 2 - DVD Clip No. 1
"The Frozen Ground"
What's It About?
"The Frozen Ground" is based on the life of Alaskan State Trooper Jack Halcombe (Nicolas Cage) who partners with a young woman (Vanessa Hudgens) to put an end to a 13-year killing spree by a serial killer (John Cusack). While writer, director Scott Walker attempts to create an eerie, unsettling film, "The Frozen Ground" is all too similar to previous police procedurals to make a lasting impression.

What's It About?
This directorial and writing debut from actor Leland Orser ("Taken") follows a couple, played by real-life couple Orser and Jeanne Tripplehorne, as they deal with the aftermath of their son's unexpected death. Also starring Laura Linney, "Morning" is a well-acted powerful story of grief and a promising debut behind the camera from Orser.
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New to Blu-ray
"The Amityville Horror Trilogy"
What's It About?
This trilogy box set includes the original 1979 film about the haunted house on Long Island, the 1982 prequel, "Amityville II: The Possession," where we meet the family that was previously victim to the house's madness, and the 1983 "Amityville 3D" starring Tony Roberts. Any fan of supernatural horror or the Amityville tales should add this box set to their film collection.

"From Here to Eternity"
What's It About?
Fred Zinnemann's Academy Award winning war drama from 1953 stars Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, and Deborah Kerr. Set in 1941 Hawaii, Lancaster plays Sergeant Warden who enters into an affair with Karen (Kerr), the wife of his commanding officer played by Clift. WIth Oscar winning supporting performances from Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed, as well as memorable ones from Clift and Lancaster, "From Here to Eternity" is a one of the best WWII romances told on screen.
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"House of Wax 3D"
What's It About?
One of the biggest 3D box office successes of the 1950s, "House of Wax 3D" stars Vincent Price as the owner of a wax museum who disguises his murder victims as wax figures. The 1953 film uses 3D gimmicks well -- even though director André De Toth could only see with one good eye -- and features a chilling performance from Price. This classic is still as creepy and fun as any horror lover could want.

"The Little Mermaid" 3D Diamond Edition
What's It About?
The classic 1989 Disney tale of Ariel selling her voice to the evil Ursula in order to be human is finally available on Blu-ray. Along with your favorite songs with "The Little Mermaid," this special 3D edition includes an animation feature, a deleted character, a feature on the voice of Ariel, Jodie Benson, and an all new music video. "The Little Mermaid" is a must-own for every Disney lover that will take you back to your childhood with each watch.
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