RAIN MAN [US 1988]  DUSTIN HOFFMAN, TOM CRUISE     Date: 1988Everett

Justin Timberlake plays an online poker player in the new film "Runner Runner." We assume the character is a master with virtual cards, because the premise involves him putting up his entire college tuition during a game. When he loses it all, he claims he was scammed out of his money by a corrupt offshore mogul, played by Ben Affleck. Only the most confident gambler would do what he does next: he travels to a remote island to find and confront the swindler.

We can't wait to see if JT's Princeton hot shot is truly justified in his claim and actions, or if he's actually been betting above his skill level. The latter would keep him from joining the following list of the greatest gamblers of the big screen, only some of whom also call poker their game of choice.

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