Fury," is definitely shaking things up for the small towns and villages nearby.

A few weeks after Pitt was invited to crash a wedding after-party in Buckinghamshire, the production company for "Fury" has posted notices in the village of Shirburn that residents may hear "intermittent controlled gun fire and explosions" during filming. According to a rep, "We wanted to warn people in advance so that they are not alarmed -- but also, we don't want people ringing the emergency services!"

In addition to the normal set-up for filming on location, a local newspaper reported that "a viewing platform would be erected for members of the public to sit and watch the action unfold." Additionally, one of the local farms is being transformed into a WW II-era German village for the shoot.

With Pitt (as the menacingly monikered Wardaddy), Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, and other "Fury" stars filming action-packed scenes around Shirburn, plus behind-the-scenes hubbub, tanks, and plenty of explosions, this should be an exciting few weeks for the town... Or else a great reminder why living far away from the big city can be pretty sweet.

"Fury" is slated for release on November 14, 2014.

[via The Guardian]
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