Marvel has made its dedication to crossover films clear, swapping heroes and villains left and right for different franchises, seen on the largest scale in last year's "The Avengers." But now the actress playing a villain in the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie wants to go bigger, teaming up the Guardians with the Avengers for the most epic Marvel collaboration of all.

Karen Gillan, who plays villainess Nebula, told Total Film that she'd love to see a Guardians-Avengers crossover film, though she admitted she hadn't heard any news from the Marvel higher-ups about such a film happening. Still, Gillan thinks the pipe dream project would be "amazing," adding that there was one specific Avenger with whom she'd love to work.

"Iron Man," she said. "Robert Downey Jr.'s really funny. I just love the tone of the 'Iron Man' films. You can really see Robert Downey Jr.'s influence on those films."

"Guardians of the Galaxy" prides itself on being the weird cousin of the Marvel family, populated with talking trees and an animated raccoon among other odd additions to its motley crew. But aside from aesthetics, Gillan says there's more that sets the Guardians apart from their higher-profile counterparts.

"What's different about 'Guardians' is that everybody is a bad guy," Gillan said. "There's just good guys within the bad guys."

For more from the actress, check out her full interview with Total Film.

[via Total Film, h/t Yahoo! Movies UK]

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