Until today, there's been no confirmed news about who exactly is in the running for a part in "Star Wars: Episode VII" (the internet really wants it to be Benedict Cumberbatch). But now Saoirse Ronan has finally given fans something tangible to latch onto.

Ronan revealed to the UK's Sky News that she has indeed auditioned for a role, though the 19-year-old Irish actress added, "So has everyone." She declined to name other names.

Sky News speculates that Ronan could be up for the part of Han Solo and Princess Leia's daughter, though obviously there's no official plot synopsis to go off of yet. The actress said that her higher-ups would "chop off [her] head with a lightsaber" if she revealed anything else about the top-secret project.

"Episode VII" begins shooting next year in England, with a summer 2015 release date planned.

[via Sky News]

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