As executive producer Craig Kyle explained, filmmakers wanted to be able to highlight the many ways that characters and storylines from the Marvel universe overlap in the comics, and build upon the previous overlapping seen in "The Avengers."

"[W]e have a lot to draft off of after 'Avengers,'" Kyle said. He continued:

... [O]ur guys, who have amazing arcs coming in their own lives, had to step out, deal with this big threat, and now come back.

Well, now all those threats continue to send a ripple effects throughout our model cinematic universe. ... You have Thor, who had to take the prisoner, Loki, back Asgard to be dealt with, and this time he's gonna be locked up in a cell where he's not gonna have control. You have Erik Selvig who had a god in his head messing around for an entire movie, which probably isn't good for your psyche. Lots of these threats continue to just spread outwards in ways that only deepen the stories we're about to tell in these individual sagas.

Kyle also teased that "The Dark World" would live up to its title with its depiction of the chaos that has become of Thor's universe since we saw him last: The aftermath of the destruction of the Bifrost, the ramifications of Odin breaking rules to send Thor to Earth, the mayhem caused by Marauders' attacks.

"And so we come into a time of real strife in the nine realms," Kyle said. " ... And we just catch into a story in a way finding out where the hell is everybody, you know?"

For more details from Kyle, check out Screen Rant's full report. "Thor: The Dark World" hits theaters November 8.

[via Screen Rant]

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