This incredibly cool short film from Rainfall Films has got us chomping at the bit for a full-fledged "Wonder Woman" movie.

Actress Rileah Vanderbilt ("Hatchet," "Frozen,") plays the badass Amazon who fights crime on the streets and monsters in the skies alongside her equally tough sisters from Themyscira.

In an interview with Jenna Busch at Fan Voice, Vanderbilt said, "The reason I'm such a huge Wonder Woman fan, is that I feel like Diana is such a perfect balance of strength, beauty, and venerability...that's what really makes this character work and is sadly why I feel like it's been so hard to accurately represent her so far in mainstream media."

Vanderbilt also blogged about her experience on the short film. She wrote about how disappointing most modern attempts to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen have been, the physical training she went through for the role, doing her own stunts, and the cool costumes. "This entire process has been so surreal for me. I watch this as a fan and sometimes forget that it's me that I'm watching...I just geek out and have to remind myself that [I]'m actually in the costume. SO FREAKIN' COOL!"

For now, this is just a concept piece by director Sam Balcomb. However, Dan Trachtenberg's short "Portal" film got his major buzz around the Internet -- and a gig directing New Line's adaptation of "Y: The Last Man."

We'll be keeping our Wonder Woman gauntlets crossed.