Metallica Through the Never- Clip No. 1

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Telling people that your new movie is "unlike anything you've ever seen" sets the critical bar pretty high. But Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich had no problem saying that this past July at Comic-Con, where he and the rest of his band were promoting their upcoming film "Metallica: Through the Never." Now, you can finally get a glimpse at what Ulrich was getting at.

"Through the Never" is a hybrid concert-feature film that combines live footage and a unique narrative storyline. The concert was filmed over two nights on a state-of-the-art stage built specifically for the movie. The other half of the film follows Trip ("Amazing Spider-Man 2" star Dane Dehaan), a Metallica roadie who has to deliver secret cargo while being chased by a masked horseman.

In a behind-the-scenes video debuting exclusively on Moviefone, fans can get a first-hand look at what went in to creating a project of this magnitude. As Ulrich echoes in the clip, the band set out to make something elaborate and new.

"The idea is that the 100-minute film of continuous live action Metallica would be so overwhelming on the senses and the dynamics would be come flat. that you'd need something to offset the action," the drummer said, referring to the mix between concert footage and storyline.

You can check out the full video up above. "Metallica: Through the Never" is now playing in IMAX 3D. It hits theaters everywhere this Friday.