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Smart is sexy.

That seems to be the general consensus among readers of Empire magazine, which recently released the results of its "100 Sexiest Movie Stars" poll.

Topping the list for women is Emma Watson, who's very much grown up from her "Harry Potter" days. Her performance in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" was deemed her sexiest role.

As Empire noted, "Combining smarts with beauty, Emma Watson's been a favourite for years, even back in the days when people really shouldn't have been thinking that way about young Hermione. But since leaving Hogwarts she's blossomed into a fine young actress, playing roles from teen thief to music nerd, and even having fun as herself in 'This Is The End.'"

At No. 1 on the men's list is Benedict Cumberbatch, who wowed readers with his smoldering turns on "Star Trek: Into Darkness" and on television's "Sherlock."

"You're damn right he's number one. While not as hyper-muscly or comically chiselled as others on this list, Cumberbatch specialises in characters that are far too clever, and far too cool, to take the rest of humanity seriously – and then he somehow makes us love him for it," Empire gushed.

"It helps that, off-screen, he's still clever and insanely charismatic but quite a bit nicer than the characters he habitually plays."

Just goes to show -- brains AND beauty are an unstoppable combination.

[via Empire]
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