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Classic film franchise "Friday the 13th" may be taking a page out of the "Paranormal Activity" playbook.

According to Shock Till You Drop, the producers of the next movie are actively searching for pitches that involve found footage.

The project resides at Paramount, which has achieved great success (and made tons of money) off the low-budgeted "Paranormal Activity" series.

The budget for the 2009 "Friday the 13th" reboot was $19 million, while "Paranormal Activity 4" cost just $5 million. And yet the former generated $91 million at the worldwide box office, while the latter raked in over $140 million.

So, it's little wonder that the studio hopes to apply the "Paranormal Activity" formula to a new "Friday the 13th" movie. Still, a "found footage" take on the venerable series would be a significant departure from the previous 11 films. Of course, the project is still in the earliest stages, and could evolve into something else entirely.

Found footage of Jason Voorhees: What do you think?

[via Shock Till You Drop]
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