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Unlike his famous character, Holden Caulfield, from "The Catcher in the Rye," author J.D. Salinger didn't hate movies.

A never-before-published letter -- provided to Variety by "Salinger" documentary director Shane Salerno -- reveals that Salinger's dislike of Hollywood was a myth. In reality, Salerno said that Salinger "loved movies" and that the reclusive writer was open to movie adaptations of some of his short stories.

The letter reads, "It isn't true, at all, that I 'hate' or dislike all films, and it's always more than a little offputting, not to say irritating, to hear that I do. The fact is, I like certain kinds of films inordinately, and even own a 16mm sound projector and a few old prints."

As Salerno told Variety, Salinger's favorite movie was Frank Capra's "Lost Horizon."

Salinger corresponded with a few directors about potential adaptations, but was against getting involved in movie-making in any way himself. And Salerno believes the major problem the author had with the film industry was its collaborative nature.

"I think he would have had a problem with casting or music or set design or any number of areas," Salerno explained. "I just don't think that it would have fulfilled his wishes to the degree that he wanted."

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