'Escape Plan' Preview - Sylvester Stallone Explains It All

Sylvester Stallone wants to share his escape plan with you.

In the upcoming action-thriller "Escape Plan," Stallone plays structural-security expert Ray Breslin, a man who has an uncanny knack for designing nearly inescapable prisons. He's researched the many ways a prison can be breached and has every survival tool of the trade tucked neatly behind his furrowed brow, all to get inside the minds of the world's craftiest inmates. His goal: to create a prison locked down so tight that it makes Alcatraz look like an abandoned IKEA. Everything's going great for Breslin -- until someone deceives him and he's locked away for real, in the world's most secret and high-security prison. Twist!

In this exclusive "Escape Plan" preview, an orange-clad Stallone explains his escape plan, guiding us through the many steps it takes to break out of a prison far scarier than anything Piper Chapman has ever seen.

"Escape Plan," co-starring the one-and-only Arnold Schwarzenegger, hits theaters October 18.
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Escape Plan
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