This is pretty cool: Jane Fonda has been selected to receive the American Film Institute's 42nd Life Achievement Award. Her father, Henry Fonda, received the award in 1978, which makes the Fondas the first father/daughter duo to be recognized by the American Film Institute.

The event will take place next June in Los Angeles and be broadcast on both the TNT and Turner Classic Movies station, which is kind of amazing considering that Jane Fonda was, for many years, married to Ted Turner, the media baron who once owned those channels (they are now subsidiaries of Time Warner).

Fonda has starred in more than 40 films, including "Cat Ballou," "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?," "The China Syndrome," "9 to 5" and "Klute." The actress, an outspoken liberal, was surprisingly effective in her brief role as Nancy Reagan in this summer's "Lee Daniels' The Butler" (do we still have to call it that?). She also has a regular role on HBO series "The Newsroom."

Obviously, beyond her acting career she has a history of being a tremendous political activist and is something of a media mogul herself, after her series of popular workout videos.

Past recipients of the award include everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to Shirley MacLaine (it goes without saying that the male recipients far outnumber the female winners). Fonda will be in good company, and not just because her dad got the award in 1978.

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