Quentin Tarantino is a director who is known for his superb taste and outspoken opinions. In fact, he says that after he finishes his directing career in the next ten years, he plans on focusing exclusively on film criticism (great, another freelancer to compete with). Some of the time, he seems to be intentionally trolling (he claims to have completed a nearly 30-page critical reevaluation of "Superman Returns"), but he is always passionate about his choices and constantly provocative.

As a "gift during the government shutdown," the Quentin Tarantino Archives has posted Tarantino's list of his top 2013 films (so far), in alphabetical order. While some of them aren't that much of a surprise ("Midnight in Paris" was his favorite movie of 2011, so it's no shock that "Blue Jasmine" makes the cut), others are simply baffling ("Kick-Ass 2"?!?! Really!?!?!). However, I am super stoked that Tarantino got behind the unfairly maligned "The Lone Ranger." This is probably because "The Lone Ranger" has more in common with his own warped western "Django Unchained" than with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

His list is:
"Afternoon Delight"
"Before Midnight"
"Blue Jasmine"
"The Conjuring"
"Drinking Buddies"
"Frances Ha"
"Kick Ass 2"
"The Lone Ranger"
"This Is The End"

What does everyone think? Is this a fair assessment of 2013's cinematic landscape? Or is QT just messing with us? Whatever he's doing, we can't wait to see his list at the end of the year.

[via Quentin Tarantino Archives]

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