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In the weirdest bit of potential superhero movie casting we've heard in some time, Radar is reporting that veteran comedian Larry David is considering taking a role in the "Man of Steel" sequel at the encouragement of his friend and neighbor -- and new Batman -- Ben Affleck.

An unnamed source tells Radar that David is mulling over whether or not to take a part in the Batman vs. Superman showdown flick, and is rumored to be considered to play Superman nemesis Mr. Mxyzptlk. The source said:

The pair chatted about the idea with earnest abandon throughout the course of Emmy weekend. Larry has long been courted by the big budget superhero industrial complex, being linked to roles in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man sequels nearly a decade ago.

But Ben is somebody he trusts and enjoys spending time with and this could be the right situation for Larry to finally appear in a huge-grossing hit film. Fun speculation that it could be for the famed Superman enemy role of Mr. Myxlplyx [sic] could make this piece more exciting, since Larry is a dead ringer for the character.

We're not sure how David feels about being compared to the tiny trickster, who most closely resembles a leprechaun and whose one weakness is pretty lame (saying his own name backwards banishes him back to his home planet). And, as the source admits, this is all just speculation that makes the story "more exciting" -- and therefore, perhaps entirely fabricated.

So, do you buy that David is actually in the running for a role? And if he is, should he play Mr. Mxyptlk, or someone else from the D.C. Comics universe? (Our vote is for someone else.)

[via Radar]

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