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Rupert Grint has come a long way since his days playing Ron Weasley in the "Harry Potter" series, and his evolution is on full display -- along with his butt -- in his new film, "CBGB." But his "Harry" past still manages to catch up with him in "CBGB," where he reunites with Professor SnapeAlan Rickman.

Grint discussed with Vulture the surreality of filming the scene where his character, Cheetah Chrome of the band Dead Boys, first meets club owner Hilly Kristal (Rickman).

"I was kind of getting flashbacks," said Grint, referring to the time the two spent playing their Hogwarts alter egos. Despite the strange deja vu, Grint said Rickman "completely transformed" into Kristal. He continued:

I was surprised when I saw him. He was just completely in that zone, as he was when he was Snape, when he was quite intimidating. And yeah, when I was doing that first scene, it was weird! I was getting flashbacks of when I was 11, because I kind of grew up with him, really, in a weird way, so he's been in my life for a long time. So it was kind of cool to see him out of that world and in a completely new environment.

Even though "CBGB" features a mini Hogwarts reunion, fans shouldn't expect many -- or any -- similarities to "Potter." The aforementioned scene where Grint bares his bottom would certainly make Hermione blush -- and may have been even more awkward if Grint had gotten a lightening bolt tattoo on his butt, as Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) joked the cast should do as a way to mark the end of filming on the series.

"There were loads of people that said, 'We'll get them.' ... But it never actually happened in the end," Grint told Vulture. "If I did do it, they have cover-up makeup, right?"

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