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Back in June, George Lucas said he had yet to speak to director J.J. Abrams about "Star Wars: Episode VII," suggesting that his involvement in the new trilogy would be minimal. But now, Lucas's son has revealed that that couldn't be further from the truth.

In an interview with YouTube channel "Flicks and the City," Jett Lucas said that his father was "very torn" over whether or not to sell Lucasfilm to Disney, and had been working on the story for "Episode VII" for more than a year when the deal was finalized.

"He's happiest when he's writing and doing something with his time," Jett Lucas said, adding that his father has already established some "guidelines" for the new film. And the elder Lucas has also been in frequent communication with Abrams, Jett revealed, staying in the loop on "Episode VII"'s progress "as any parent watching their kid going to college would."

"He's constantly talking to J.J.," Jett said of his father. "Obviously J.J. was handpicked. He [Lucas] is there to guide, whenever, he'll help where he can. At the same time, he wants to let it go and become its new generation."

So, Lucas is letting go, but still holding on. Sounds about right for the notoriously territorial "Star Wars" creator.

The Playlist points out that the news of Lucas already working on episodes VII, VIII, and IX prior to the Disney deal isn't really shocking, since Disney mentioned in their original announcement of the new trilogy that the rights to those movies came with "a pretty extensive and detailed treatment" from Lucas. But just how many of Lucas's original fingerprints will remain on the films is anyone's guess.

One thing's for sure: "Episode VII" should be awesome. Jett Lucas said that he's already seen the story for the first chapter of the new trilogy, and that he's "happy with what's going to happen." Just what that is, he wouldn't say, but he did mention a "hypothetical" scenario involving Han Solo teaching his son to fly the Millennium Falcon. Sign us up.

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