Forget "Portlandia." The dream of the late '90s is still alive in Manchester, UK, where teens are apparently recreating the David Fincher dude-tastic classic "Fight Club." According to The Independent, the teens are using BlackBerry Messenger to meet up for a touch of the old ultra-violence.

Indeed, these kids are taking it to a new level by using whatever is at hand, it seems. One Manchester citizen told Manchester Evening News that "[o]ne lady I know saw them going at each other with bits of scaffolding." Most of the reports were from Monday, but residents have been advised to remain vigilant against these Meatloaf-lovin' hoodlums who have been lurking around Clayton Vale.

Of course, real fight clubs are nothing new. There are tons of fight club videos on YouTube, and over the years similar events have popped up around the world, including public fights in New York City's Union Square park, a scary-sounding organization in Moscow called Ronin Family,Silicon Valley programmers who beat each other up for fun, and much more.

And there we've gone ahead and broken the first two rules of "Fight Club."

[via The Independent]

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