'Escape From Tomorrow' Preview - Tom Sawyer Island Gets Freaky
The word "nightmarish" gets thrown around a lot in the critical community, usually affixed to a movie that is even, in the least bit, creepy. But "Escape From Tomorrow," a psychological horror film set in the Disney theme parks (and filmed without Disney's permission) is one of the rare films that is genuinely nightmarish.

How so? Well, watch this exclusive clip to find out.

First off, a little background (you can also consult our handy guide, here): "Escape from Tomorrow" is a psychological horror film that concerns a father named Jim White (Roy Abramsohn) who, while on a vacation with his family to Walt Disney World, suffers a mental breakdown. He gets fired from his job (before his boss gets off the phone, though, he cheerfully suggests they take a ride on Soarin'), becomes obsessed with a pair of underage French girls he spots in the parks, and starts hallucinating really terrifying things (at one point, the "It's a Small World" characters sport fangs and ghostly eyes). There's also strains of "Contagion" as a "cat flu" threatens to overtake the parks, plus there's that secret detention center underneath Spaceship Earth's glittery geodesic sphere...

In the exclusive clip, Jim has taken his young daughter Sarah to Tom Sawyer Island after his son has become sick from riding on Space Mountain. This is when he starts to really become obsessed with the young girls, following them on ridings and having fantasies about them sexily romping through the park. (One of the more disorienting aspects of the film, especially for longtime Disney freaks like myself, is how the filmmakers interchange the two American parks, so they'll go from Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom in Florida and walk over Tomorrowland in California's Disneyland. Trust me, it adds to the trippiness.)

As you can see, what starts out as just a mild-mannered jaunt to a dusty corner of the park (sorry, even with the "Pirates of the Caribbean"-themed embellishment, it's still kind of ragged) devolves into something, well, nightmarish.

"Escape From Tomorrow" is out in limited release and on demand on October 11.

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