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It seems the world will never let Marilyn Monroe rest in peace. The latest items up for grabs will be X-rays and files that would probably be covered by HIPAA laws these days, but hey, why not bid on Marilyn's?

According to Reuters, this collection consists of "six X-rays and a file of doctors' notes that offer a partial medical history." More importantly to some, "[t]he notes written by Hollywood plastic surgeon Michael Gurdin appear to confirm speculation that Monroe... went under the knife for cosmetic reasons."

In case you thought $15-30,000 seems like an awful lot to read about Monroe's chin implant, someone bought X-rays of Monroe's chest for $45,000.

Weird medical collectibles can fetch a pretty price, but bidding on Monroe's records seems particularly morbid. In any case, this bottle of William S. Burroughs's methadone (which also includes rocks from his grave and a shell fired from his gun) seems like a steal for less than a grand.

[via Reuters]

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