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Get ready to feel all the feelings, y'all. Word is that the adaptation of Jeanette Walls's staggering memoir "The Glass Castle," which has Jennifer Lawrence attached to star, might have found its director.

Writer and director Destin Cretton is currently in talks to direct "The Glass Castle," and he also might do a little script tweaking. Cretton made the incredible indie "Short Term 12," which is on plenty of critics' best-of lists. The movie's portrayal of people in their 20s who work at a foster care facility for trouble teens managed a very delicate balancing act that avoided preciousness and melodrama, and offers one of the finest performances of the year by Brie Larson.

Cretton would be an excellent choice for "The Glass Castle," Walls's intensely personal story of growing up with an increasingly dysfunctional family. It's an interesting project for Lionsgate, given its usual slate of action and horror. Of course, that slate also includes the supremely successful "Hunger Games" series, so maybe it's a good idea to keep their biggest star close to the chest. The studio just snagged another JLaw flick, "Burial Rites," which reunites her with "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross.

Lawrence is one of the biggest-earning actors in Hollywood, and she keeps on adding new and more awesome-sounding projects to her to-do list. Can you even deal with her '70s swing in this "American Hustle" poster?

We say, bring on the tears!

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