The new "American Hustle" trailer has it all: excessive wealth, cleavage, comb-overs, pompadours, home perms, and plenty of high-stakes criminal scheming.

"We gotta get over on all these guys, that's what we need to be thinking about right now," a curler-coifed Amy Adams tells Christian Bale. To which he somberly replies, "It's gotta be the best we've ever done."

If that quiet, intense moment is designed to set our expectations for David O. Russell's '70s-set crime drama, then count us in.

For anyone who isn't into Oscar-caliber acting or high-profile cinematic storytelling, the trailer is still worth watching just to see Bradley Cooper sporting some tight, pink curlers, Jennifer Lawrence delivering a rimshot-worthy insult while smoking a cigarette (gasp!), and Christian Bale flaunting a big ol' beer gut and comb-over. Oh, and Jeremy Renner wearing a pompadour like a pro.

"American Hustle" hits theaters Christmas Day.

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