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The "Star Wars" rumor mill is spinning fast and furious this week. First came word that Disney was about to announce the casting and title of "Star Wars: Episode VII." Today, Latino Review claims that there are two working titles for the new movie: "Rise of the Jedi" and "Return of the Sith."

There's a big caveat, though: A source tells the site that George Lucas came up with those working titles before he sold Lucasfilm to Disney. And now, the newest "Star Wars" projects sits in the hands of director J.J. Abrams.

Still, Lucas's son, Jett, recently revealed that his father is still very much involved with "Star Wars."

"He's constantly talking to J.J. Obviously J.J. was handpicked," Jett Lucas said. "[George Lucas] is there to guide, whenever, he'll help where he can. At the same time, he wants to let it go and become its new generation."

Both titles point to the continued battle between the Jedis and the Sith lords. The prevailing speculation is that "Star Wars: Episode VII" will focus on Luke and Leia's children.

As for those titles, neither lights our fires. Both sound derivative of previous film titles. And as the first film of a trilogy, "Episode VII" may follow in the mold of "Phantom Menace" and "A New Hope" with a more conceptual title.

What do you think of "Return of the Sith" and "Rise of the Jedi"?
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