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New York Comic Con gets bigger with every year, and as the 2013 installment has proven, it might become too big for even New York City! Like its San Diego brethren, NYCC is a celebration of all things geek: comic books, comic book movies, horror, sci-fi, anime, video games, and toys. But unlike San Diego, it doesn't feel like it's been completely over-taken by Hollywood and turned into a gigantic advertising trade show (that element is still there, but not nearly as in-your-face).

As a result, you have a convention that feels more celebratory and "for the fans"; when you combine that with the unique energy of New Yorkers, it produces an epic chemical reaction of unabashed creativity, with freak flags waving high and mighty. Moviefone was embedded smackdab in the center of the Javitz Center (NYCC's home) with nothing more than an Instagram account, and documented the thousands of attendees taking in the colorful sights and sounds.

Check out our super-sized collection of cosplay (costume players), toys, displays, and more in the gallery below!


New York Comic Con Guide
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